McKee and McFarland, Inc. is a full service commercial real estate firm focused on providing a complete array of services to individual and institutional owners of commercial real estate. The firm, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, has been active in the management, marketing and development of commercial and agricultural properties since 1982. The firm serves clients throughout Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi and Missouri. The principals, Lewis K. McKee, Jr. and Terry L. McFarland, together, have real estate experience exceeding 60 years. The McKee and McFarland, Inc. team is committed to providing the highest level of professional service to its clients.

McKee and McFarland, Inc. offers a full range of real estate services tailored to the specific needs of its clients. These services include property management, budgeting, reporting, maintenance, construction, leasing, tenant build-out, marketing and strategic planning on an individual property or property portfolio basis. The firm and its principals have represented numerous individual, institutional and corporate clients in the acquisition, management and disposition of real estate assets.

McKee and McFarland, Inc. has successfully bought, sold, developed and renovated a myriad of commercial real estate properties over the past 30 years. The firm has been a joint venture partner with life insurance companies and institutional investors, and it has developed and sold investment properties for both individuals and institutions.

In addition to commercial real estate properties, McKee and McFarland, Inc. has developed a unique expertise in agricultural and agri-business real estate. In recent years, the firm has successfully marketed over $400,000,000 in agricultural and agri-business properties. This area of expertise has been developed to take advantage of Memphis’ location in the center of one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, and the firm’s reach extends to the major agricultural regions of North America.

Clients Served

Institutional Investment Companies | Life Insurance Companies | REIT’s | National Retailers | National and Private Developers | Private Investment Companies | Individual Investors

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